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World War Two U.S. Tailored Summer Enlisted Mans Visor

Crown and centre band constructed of khaki cotton, accompanied by leather visor and full chinstrap. A two piece brass screw

Boer War Era British 2nd Midlothian & Peebles Volunteer Rifles Glengarry

Worn from 1880 to 1888 the 2nd Midlothian & Peebles wore the cap badge of St. Andrew and the cross.

World War One Canadian 48th Highlanders of Canada Photograph

An unframed 48th Highlanders photograph measuring approximately 9 by 6 inches.

Victorian Era Carte De Visite CDV Canadian Militia Officer

The photograph features an officer in dress uniform including shako and sword. It appears that there is a beaver on the cross plate but can't be certain

World War One British Identification Bracelet 2/2 Scottish Horse

A service number and name are stamped above the unit 2/2. Scottish Horse.

World War One British Canadian Mark I Brodie Combat Helmet (2)

Constructed of non-magnetic meganese and a steel rim, this second pattern Mk. I retains the majority of exterior finish. Inside, the liner remains largely intact though the chinstrap has been lost to time. Though the leather is slightly dry, the oil cloth remains supple, and netting is in tact. The helmet supplier is stamped "BURYS".

Germany’s Combat Helmets 1933-1945 A Modern Study by Ken Niewiarowicz (New Sealed)

Mint condition 3rd printing of Ken Niewiarowicz's highly coveted and out of print book "Germany's Combat Helmets 1933-1945".   Still sealed in its original wrapping, the book is the most extensive reference material for German helmet collecting to date.

World War Two British Inert Practice No.36 Mills Hand Grenade 1945

tamped into the removable base plug is the model "36 M" and the year of production "45". The grenade is additionally stamped with the British War Department broad arrow on the fill plug.

World War Two British Canadian Highland Light Infantry Kilt Dated 1937

The British H.L.I. were the only Highlander unit to be issued trews instead of kilts. Photographs from as late as 1931 suggest that their bagpipers continued to wear the traditional kilt. The Canadian H.L.I., unlike the British were kilted starting in 1935.

World War One United States M1917 SBR Salty Gas Mask & Carry Bag Named

The set retains all other issued pieces including the booklet, tin, and spring. The star of the show is the bag which displays very well, retaining the name and unit as pictured.

Boer War Era Canadian Photograph Identified Royal Canadian Regiment

An unframed Royal Canadian Regiment photograph copy measuring approximately 9 by 6.5 inches.

Boer War Era Canadian Photograph 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment 1900 Christmas

An unframed 3rd Royal Canadian Regiment photograph measuring approximately 8.5 by 7 inches.