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World War Two German Enlisted Artillery Man Shoulder Strap

Constructed of field-grey wool, the shoulder strap features a red rayon waffenfarbe piping denoting artillery service.

World War One United States Embarkation Hospital No.1 (St.Mary’s) Nurse Photograph

Measuring approximately  20.5cm by 15.5cm  the black and white photo features the nursing staff of Embarkation Hospital Number One which

World War One Canadian 43rd Battalion Cameron Highlanders Cap Badge Brass

A brass stamped badge featuring a lion rampant over St.Andrew’s Cross, encircled by maple leaves and thistle. Above the King’s

World War Two German Officers Gebirgsjäger / Jäger Visor Cap Double EREL Schirmmütze

Constructed of a high quality field-grey doeskin wool, this privately purchased visor features a single piece “saddled” crown encircled by

World War Two United States M-1917A1 Combat “Kelly” Helmet

Constructed of, this M1917A1 retains the majority of exterior finish showing signs of hard use on the top.To the front

World War One German Trench Lantern With Remaining Candle

Primarily constructed of steel, this unmarked trench lantern measures approximately 12.5cm tall by 5.5cm wide (without the handle). Painted predominantly

World War One Canadian Mk.II Ross Rifle Bayonet Modified

A heavily modified Mk.II Ross Rifle bayonet that has had the muzzle spring removed, and the cross guard reshaped. Many

World War One Canadian / British Hat Tin Named

Constructed primarily of metal, the tin features measurements less commonly seen in its larger counterparts. Measuring approximately 25cm wide and

World War Two Era United States Browning Oil Can

Constructed of tin, the can features 90% of its original green paint and spray painted label. The cap is fully

World War Two Canadian Postal Corps Christmas Card

Constructed primarily of paper the Christmas card features the Canadian Postal Corps crest accompanied by a blue and white decorative

World War Two British Auxiliary Territorial Service Named Photographs

A decoratively framed card featuring the photograph of a member of the Auxiliary Territorial Service named “Peggy’. Taken in Kilmarnock,

World War Two Canadian 21st Army Group Named Booklet on Non-Fraternisation

Constructed of heavy stock and measuring approximately 8cm by 11cm, the letter from Field Marshal Montgomery sternly warns against fraternization.