Third Reich Germany


World War Two German “Krim” Crimean Campaign Shield Tunic Removed

Crisply stamped from magnetic sheet metal the badge is affixed to uniform matching cloth by four prongs and backing plate.

World War Two German Uffz. Hellmuth Valtiner Propaganda Postcard

Measuring approximately 15cm x 10.5cm, the postcard print features Knight's Cross winner Helmuth Valtiner in shades of charcoal brown.

World War Two German West Wall Medal Issued With Packet & Tissue

Instituted by Adolf Hitler in 1939 until 1941, the West Wall Medal was to recognize personnel who defended, built or planned fortifications on the western German border.

World War Two German Panzer Death Card Hauptmann Heinrich Georg

A decorated officer, Georg was posthumously promoted to Hauptmann of Panzer Regiment 1 following his death on November 30th 1943.

World War Two German Ostmedaille Medal Grouping Unteroffizier Strenge (Infanterie-Regiment 46)

Issued to Unteroffizier Walter Strenge, Strenge served in the 11th company of the 46th Infantry Regiment as part of the Wehrmacht's 30th Infantry Division.

World War two German War Merit Cross 2nd Class Grouping Signed By Wilhelm Keitel

The award document issued by the Führer Headquarters, features Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel's signature (may be facsimile).

World War Two German NCO Marching Boots

Multi-piece constructed heavy leather marching boots measuring approximately 14.5" tall from the base of the heel to calf. Machine stitched vertical seam to the reverse. Stitched into the interior are white and blue cotton pull tabs and leather button tabs.