Great Britain & Commonwealth


World War Two British Royal Highlanders Black Watch Cap Badge

The badge features the Black Watch Motto "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" which translates into "No One Attacks Me With Impunity".

World War Two Era British Camouflage Pixie Suit Tank Oversuit Dated 1945

Manufactured in 1945 by Glisson & Miller, the size 4 suit easily fits a 6 foot stature. Though not easily seen in the photo, the broad arrow mark is partially hidden by the fold at the bottom seam of the tag. The many period appropriate repairs as photographed suggest this suit was used quite extensively but cannot be certain of when.

World War Two Tank School Photograph of Destroyed German Hummel

On the reverse, stamped in the top right corner is the official stamp for the "School of Tank Technology". Opened in November of 1943 the School was responsible for examining allied and enemy vehicles and writing intelligence reports.

World War Two British Canadian Highland Light Infantry Kilt Dated 1937

The British H.L.I. were the only Highlander unit to be issued trews instead of kilts. Photographs from as late as 1931 suggest that their bagpipers continued to wear the traditional kilt. The Canadian H.L.I., unlike the British were kilted starting in 1935.