World War Two Aircraft Identification / Recognition Period Grouping

Also known as "Spotter Cards” sheets were distributed  to military personnel and civilians training in the identification of combat aircraft.

World War Two 48th Highlanders of Canada Assorted Badges

Active since 1891, the Toronto 48th Highlanders of Canada have one of the most illustrious histories in the Canadian Forces through the 20th century.

World War Two Canadian Naval Officer Battle Dress Uniform Working Jacket

Constructed in dark blue/black wool serge, these jackets would become known as "Working Dress" in Naval Regulations.

Early World War Two Canadian Officer Peak Visor Cap Private Purchase

Though the cap badge is missing, remains of patina suggest a rounded badge with kings crown.

World War Two Era Canadian Red Ensign Large Salty Multi-Piece Cotton Construction

Constructed of multi-piece bunting, the one sided flag measures approximately 87cm by 178cm. The Red Ensign proudly features the Union Jack to its Canton and the 1921 to 1957 Canadian Coat of Arms on the Fly.

World War Two Canadian Mk. II G.S.W. 1943 Helmet

Constructed of non-magnetic steel, this Mk. II retains most of the exterior finish. Inside, the liner remains largely intact though slightly dry and dated to 1942.

World War Two Royal Canadian Pay Corps Coloured Field Service Cap

Constructed mainly of navy blue wool throughout the body and outer crown, the folded crown inlay and piping are of brilliant yellow. To the front are two period "Canada" brass buttons.