American Expeditionary Force

World War One U.S. Coxwain Patch

Three piece wool constructed badge of a ships steering wheel within a circle. Measuring approximately 2.5 by 2.5 inches the badge appears unissued and in choice condition.

World War One U.S. Moser Navy Submarine Postcard Set

Measuring approximately 14 by 9 cm, the seven postcards depict the U.S. submarines operating during the First World War. A

World War One 1908 Pattern Stonebridge Lantern With Remaining Candle.

Constructed of galvanized steel, solid brass, and aluminum, the Stonebridge Automatic Folding Candle Lantern was patented and manufactured by Charles

307 At Home And In France 1919 First Edition by Harold Breul (307th U.S. Army Ambulance Company History)

A hardcover first edition copy of the long out of print and sought after “307 At Home And In France”.