Consignment Outline

Quartermaster Militaria charges a 15% commission on all items that are consigned.

Quartermaster Militaria will make the best effort to sell all consignment items, and will accept all reasonable offers within a 10% variant of the asking price. If we receive a lower price offer, we will make an effort to contact the consignor.

All consigned items must remain with Quartermaster Militaria for a minimum of 60 days. Consigned items removed prior to the end of the 60 day contract period will be subject to a 20% charge.

After the 60 day period, a consignor may decide to take back the item(s) free of charge.

By signing the required Consignment contract you are agreeing to these terms and conditions of this legal agreement. Quartermaster Militaria reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time.

At no point does Quartermaster Militaria obtain ownership of consigned items, ownership remains with the consignee until the item is sold. When sold the item falls under the same terms and conditions as regular stock with the buyer having 15 days to inspect and/or return the item. After this 15 day period passes, Quartermaster Militaria will proceed to pay the consignee through their pre-determined preferred method.

Consignment Items Accepted

Quartermaster Militaria will accept most military or historical related item in good/safe condition. All items will be assessed prior to being accepted. Prices are set by the consignee, we will work with you if you are unsure how to price items.

Once accepted, Quartermaster Militaria will provide the consignee with shipping instructions for our location. All responsibility rests on the consignee to ensure appropriate packaging and shipment methods, though we are happy to provide assistance. When received, Quartermaster Militaria will contact the consignee.