The Second World War

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Post World War Two Canadian 48th Highlanders Cap Badge

The badge features the iconic eagle above the unit numerals, the reverse of the badge features both lugs intact and a cotter pin.

Pre World War Two United States Photo Albums Dated 1937 & 1941

Dated pre-World War Two 1937 and 1941 respectively, both albums feature 40 photographs depicting heavy weapon training and general horseplay between United States soldiers.

World War Two 48th Highlanders of Canada Assorted Badges

Active since 1891, the Toronto 48th Highlanders of Canada have one of the most illustrious histories in the Canadian Forces through the 20th century.

World War Two 8th USAAF/ETO Named Corporal Ike Field Jacket & Garrison Cap Named (Theatre Patches)

Sewn below the left shoulder seam, a stunning theatre made 8th Army Airforce patch. Four inches above the left cuff, five gold overseas bars are present suggesting two and a half years of service. Below, a single diagonal service stripe noting 3 years of honourable service. Sewn below the right shoulder seam, a British made example of the Head Quarters, European Theater of Operations.

World War Two British Auxiliary Fire Service Helmet Dated 1938

Carefully hand painted in white on the exterior, the letters "AFS" denoting use by the British Auxiliary Fire Service. First formed in 1938 as part of the Civil Defence Corps, the AFS were folded into local brigades in August of 1941 forming the National Fire Service.

World War Two British Auxiliary Territorial Service Named Photographs

A decoratively framed card featuring the photograph of a member of the Auxiliary Territorial Service named “Peggy’. Taken in Kilmarnock,

World War Two British Canadian Highland Light Infantry Kilt Dated 1937

The British H.L.I. were the only Highlander unit to be issued trews instead of kilts. Photographs from as late as 1931 suggest that their bagpipers continued to wear the traditional kilt. The Canadian H.L.I., unlike the British were kilted starting in 1935.

World War Two British Royal Highlanders Black Watch Cap Badge

The badge features the Black Watch Motto "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" which translates into "No One Attacks Me With Impunity".

World War Two Canadian 21st Army Group Named Booklet on Non-Fraternisation

Constructed of heavy stock and measuring approximately 8cm by 11cm, the letter from Field Marshal Montgomery sternly warns against fraternization.

World War Two Canadian HMCS Haida Photograph

Measuring approximately  by  inches the black and white photo features the crew of the HMCS Haida Tribal-class destroyer. On the

World War Two Canadian Lorne Scots Cap Badge King’s Crown

A white metal stamped badge measuring 7cm by 8cm . The badge features the King's crown, the reverse of the badge features both lugs intact and a cotter pin.

World War Two Canadian No. 2 MK 2/5 R.E.L. Binoculars Dated 1944 Re-issue Korean War

Manufactured by the short lived Canadian company Research Enterprises Limited during the Second World War, the binoculars are alloy constructed.