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Austrian M16 Transitional Double Decal Re-issued Helmet Named

Stamped from sheet metal, the M16 helmet retains little original paint having been reissued twice. The top coat appears to be very late-war, likely 1945 (sloppy application).

Germany’s Combat Helmets 1933-1945 A Modern Study by Ken Niewiarowicz (New Sealed)

Mint condition 3rd printing of Ken Niewiarowicz's highly coveted and out of print book "Germany's Combat Helmets 1933-1945".   Still sealed in its original wrapping, the book is the most extensive reference material for German helmet collecting to date.

Identified Canadian World War One Nursing Sisters Belt (Lt. E. J. McIntosh)

Purchased directly from family, the belt is named to E. J. McIntosh of Guelph, a graduate nurse who enlisted in the Nursing Sisters July of 1918 serving until June of 1919.

Second World War Signalman / Signal Instructor Qualification Badge

Machine woven on khaki wool, the badge features two crossed flags. The left flag of royal blue and the right pearl white with a royal blue streak.

World War One British / Irish Active Service Certificates to Two Brothers (HLI &NIH)

Constructed of paper on cardboard, a pair of printed certificates of service issued by the recruiting authorities in Ireland.

World War One British Post War Photo Album Touring Ypres Cloth Hall & Battlefield Tanks

The tank, a British Mk IV known as "Dop Doctor" was used during the third Ypres (Battle of Passchendale). Due to the swampy ground of July/August 1917 many tanks succumbed to the mire, receiving direct hits.

World War One Canadian 1918 Diary Passes and Photos Gnr. Jones (1250465)

William would witness the closing 100 days offensive by the Canadians. William writes about a “close shave” with an artillery shell, being gassed twice, the push on Canal du Nord, the burning of Cambrai, and “Armistice with Germany” on November 11th.

World War One Canadian 75th Battalion C.E.F. Victory Medal Pvt. Katzman (1087124)

Private Hyman Katzman of the 75th battalion (Mississauga) service number 1087124 .

World War Two British Union Jack Flag Made in Britain

Constructed of bunting on soft printed linen, this 1940's era Union Jack measures roughly 111cm by 80.5cm.

World War Two Canadian Artillery Field Service Cap Named

Introduced in 1939 along with the new Battle Dress, the Field Service Cap would become the standard dress of the Canadian Army in the field.

World War Two Canadian Cape Breton Highlanders Cap Badge (William Scully)

A gilt and white metal stamped badge features King George's crown and unit sigil overlaying a Maple Leaf. The unit motto "SIOL NA FEAR FERAL" translates to "Breed of Manly Men".

World War Two Canadian Dog Tags Pte. Knapman 2nd Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders

Consisting of two fibre tags and cord, the Canadian dog tag served as a means of security and identification. Stamped into each tag was the service number, rank, name, religious affiliation, and country.