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Austrian M16 Transitional Double Decal Re-issued Helmet Named

Stamped from sheet metal, the M16 helmet retains little original paint having been reissued twice. The top coat appears to be very late-war, likely 1945 (sloppy application).

Early World War Two Canadian Officer Peak Visor Cap Private Purchase

Though the cap badge is missing, remains of patina suggest a rounded badge with kings crown.

Victorian Era 10th Regiment Royal Grenadier Enlisted Trio Tintype

Also known as a ferrotype, the tintype photograph saw widespread use throughout the 1860s and 1870s. The photograph features three

World War One Canadian 1918 Diary Passes and Photos Gnr. Jones (1250465)

William would witness the closing 100 days offensive by the Canadians. William writes about a “close shave” with an artillery shell, being gassed twice, the push on Canal du Nord, the burning of Cambrai, and “Armistice with Germany” on November 11th.

World War One United States Embarkation Hospital No.1 (St.Mary’s) Nurse Photograph

Measuring approximately  20.5cm by 15.5cm  the black and white photo features the nursing staff of Embarkation Hospital Number One which

World War Two Canadian 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade Shoulder Flash

Constructed of a blue strip of cotton overlaid on a black felt backing, the diamond measures approximately 7cm by 4.5cm.

World War Two Canadian Mk. II G.S.W. 1943 Helmet

Constructed of non-magnetic steel, this Mk. II retains most of the exterior finish. Inside, the liner remains largely intact though slightly dry and dated to 1942.

World War Two Canadian Naval Officer Battle Dress Uniform Working Jacket

Constructed in dark blue/black wool serge, these jackets would become known as "Working Dress" in Naval Regulations.

World War Two German M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe Helmet Q64 Named

Stamped from magnetic steel, the M35 helmet retains 85% of the original blued grey paint. The left side of the helmet retains 75% of the factory applied second pattern Luftwaffe eagle decal.

World War Two German NCO Marching Boots

Multi-piece constructed heavy leather marching boots measuring approximately 14.5" tall from the base of the heel to calf. Machine stitched vertical seam to the reverse. Stitched into the interior are white and blue cotton pull tabs and leather button tabs.

World War Two RCAF Canadian Mk.III Pilot Goggles

The Mk. series began development in 1917 and by 1939 they had become the choice goggles of both the R.C.A.F. and R.A.F. in the skies over Britain.

World War Two U.S. 2nd Armored Division “Hell On Wheels” Sergeant Ike Field Jacket

Sewn below the left shoulder seam, a period appropriate 2nd Armored Division patch and corresponding "Hell On Wheels" title. Four inches above the left cuff, five gold bars are present suggesting two and a half years of service. Sewn onto each arm are three stripe chevrons denoting the soldier's rank of Sergeant.