Our Mission

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Blog

Founded on a tenacious spirit and a passion for collecting, Quartermaster Militaria provides high quality collectables surpassed only by our degree of integrity,  from research to purchase globally.

Quartermaster Militaria was born out of an idea of combining research based blog posts with original and unique military antiques. With over 10 years of experience in both the provision and research of various eras of militaria, we opened our e-commerce store in 2019. We continuously strive to provide items both unique and authentic as backed by our gold standard guarantee and extensive research. For more information, visit our services page.

Like many others in the hobby, our fascination of collecting was born out of a combination of war movies, history classes, and of course an ad in the back of a local newspaper. Sixteen years later I still have those medals along with a vast collection spanning from the Victorian Era to today. Since then, collecting, researching, and selling militaria has become a passion project that evolved into the Quartermaster Militaria website you’re visiting today.